"FPP" is not to be taken lightly. This brutally designed programme is for those who like to be pushed to the limit and that have the determination & grit to get to the finish line no matter what obstacles they come across.

The combinations of strength, endurance, and hard work put together with a high intensity training structure will get you in the physical state that most so called "fitness fanatics" could only dream about.

"FPP" coaches are here to drive team members through the battle of hitting the brick wall and never having to face a plateau within there training lives again. 

Exercise in the morning can provide a wide range of benefits, both physically and mentally. As has been well documented, strength/resistance training can boost your metabolism for up to 48hrs so doing your early morning workout can be a great way to jump start your metabolism and get it burning throughout the day whilst you're sat at your desk.

A Maximum of 10 team members per monthly course / 3 sessions per week

Price £80 per month